Letter: Obama wants to ruin America

While the media hails President Obama as some sort of centrist - he actually has a long history of communist alliances. During the first days of his presidency, his true colors were obvious. The massive government spending, reduction in defense and the preparations for his nationalization of healthcare, banks and other private industry. Anti-communist analysts said the communist wish to use Obama's power to cause hyperinflation of the currency much like what happened to the Weimar Republic, Argentina and Rome. By introducing billions of dollars more into the money supply, inflation would skyrocket causing the dollar to lose value and purchasing power.

Remember his Harvard mentors, Cloward and Pivens, whose strategy calls for bankruptcy of the nation first, social unrest and rioting second, and massive communist restructuring of the nation third. The hopes and dreams of the American public rest on a slim minority in the Senate and House. The fragile 200-year democracy that the Founders built teeters on dangerous ground, and many Americans view their future with stern vigilance.

Obama has a grudge against America that has been nurtured and groomed over time. Both the president and first lady have demonstrated such a virile hatred for this country it is almost impossible to understand. And harder to understand is how that person with all this hate was elected to the highest office in the nation. Amazing isn't it? I cannot think of a greater danger to our way of life than Obama.

Even with all of their flaws, our past presidents were patriotic. They loved America and had respect for our military. Obama is not patriotic.

Now that the midterm elections are upon us, he is out campaigning full force. He relies on his communication skills as he is a master of dialogue deceit. He is a narcissist who worships only the image he sees when looking in a mirror. Since he took his oath of office, he has done nothing constructive. He has made Bush's deficit look like dribbles and continues to pile more and more debt on top of it. His logic is that he has to spend more money to make his programs work.

He totally mismanaged his first stimulus, so now he needs another one - much larger. They should have $300 billion left from No. 1. Is he saying this for his promises to special interest groups?

Or is it going to pump money into the Democratic Party to help the incumbents or to cover the cost of his enormous federal government payroll? Obama's ideology overwhelms his common sense.

The common misperception on the right is that Obama is another Jimmy Carter, an incompetent liberal whose presidency is reduced to rubble under the onslaught of repeated failures. The very opposite, however, is true. Obama is the most consequential president in our lifetime, transforming America into something our Founders would find not only unrecognizable, but repugnant.

Like all radical revolutionaries, he is consumed by the pursuit of power - attaining it - wielding it - and maximizing it. This is not simply sleazy Chicago machine politics. It is the systematic breaking of the law.

William Gilfoil