Letter: Raise your voice Monday for the fair

I loved the "change" at this year's county fair! Our Mohave County Fair is in need of new and improved ideas for the coming years.

I want to publicly thank Mr. Gordon Both. He was the individual (along with numerous community members) who produced the additional events this year that brought hundreds of people to our fair who normally would not have attended!

I personally feel there are endless events (similar to the event produced by Gordon Both) that can stimulate not only the fairgrounds but our local economy.

Let's make more changes and improvements at our annual county fair. I urge all associate members to come vote at 7 p.m. this coming Monday evening (10/11) at the Mohave County fair office at the fairgrounds. All associated members are eligible to make nominations, as well as be nominated for any position.

If you want to have a voice in the future of OUR county fair and are an associate member of the Mohave County Fair Association - I urge you to attend the Fair Committee meeting where the 2011 chairman will be elected.

Thank you, and let's make OUR Mohave County Fairgrounds a "true diamond in the rough"!

Monica J Busch