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8:24 PM Sun, Oct. 21st

Letters:Nothing fair about this circus

For everyone who did not attend the circus recently at the Mohave County Fair Association, you missed a nine-ring event. Never in my career of involvement with any civic association have I seen such a closed circle protecting itself. (Oops, Ron Walker and his recent protective "rulings" do come close, as he too, is afraid of the very people he is supposed to be serving). But back to the Fair Board. According to their bylaws, (which also seem to be a secret), election of officers and directors are to take place at the first meeting after the fair, and only members already in the directors' chairs can vote.

Nominations may be taken from the floor, however, the members of the Fair Association are not allowed to vote! So the public who may want to make any change must convince a majority of those already in power to relinquish that power and vote someone else in, thereby voting another sitting director off his/her seat.

In Mohave County, "that ain't happenin'." By my count, the circus changed rings, dropped the "Directorship of Program Distribution" and voted in only one new person because everyone else nominated for that position declined nomination. What a way to run a railroad (Fair Board)!

The discussion allowing Fair Association members to vote, as publicized, failed to pass some notation in Robert's Rules of Order, and since we were missing two sitting directors, and 30 days had not passed since the publishing of that amendment, it could not be voted on. The chairman chose to use the rules he wanted and discard what he did not like when a suggestion was made to set aside the election for 60 days so the amendment could be: 1) published, 2) voted on, and 3) implemented.

Instead, he recessed for 20 minutes, called both missing directors, waited until one showed up, and told the attendants the other director would not be there that evening, so he might as well start the election.

Although Monica Busch was nominated from the floor, she won neither spot as chairman nor vice chairman. She was also nominated for treasurer but declined due to possible conflict of interest with her investing business. Shortly after the top four directors were selected, the final director arrived, and nothing was said to invalidate the existing elections.

With the clear message from the board, "We ain't gonna change anything" and "We resent that some outsiders want to stir up our soup pot," it will be fascinating to see how this year will pan out.

There is sure to be a power struggle as the Mohave County Fairground Association members get motivated and bring new ideas and events to this property.

Bruce Bollinger