Letter: BOS needs to take a second look

I would like to see the Board of Supervisors take a second look at this ordinance. It really upsets me that the county would limit the number of dogs to two when all of the major cities in the county allow three or more dogs. I also am aware that the no-kill shelters and the animal shelter here are full. So what exactly do we think is going to happen to the extra animals? They will be put to death. Is this really worse than being in a kennel their whole life? I have rescued three dogs off the streets. I fear that if people have to get rid of extra animals, they will get dumped in the desert. They say if you already have four dogs you can keep them but you can't replace them after they die or run off, but how long will it be before this is changed also? How many times are we told one thing and something else takes place?

Libby Mathiesen