Christine Mayes, Arizona Corporation Commission chairman, has filed a proposed amendment to the Hualapai Valley Solar Project Certificate of Environmental Compatibility. Basically, Ms. Mayes' proposal says, "The applicant cannot operate the plant using groundwater for cooling." You can view the entire proposal by pasting in this link or you can click on the link at the bottom of this article.

"This citizenship has been fighting to save their water supply since this project has been proposed. HVS is intent on utilizing large amounts of fresh groundwater even though the Hualapai aquifer is in depletion. Our current General Plan even states that no wet-cooled power plants are allowed when our aquifer is in depletion, but our illustrious leaders chose to ignore YOUR futures in exchange for favor from wealthy corporations. They have even changed the General Plan to allow these thugs even more control over your community.

The obviously shrewd MIT grads of HVS have done an excellent job of SPINNING the facts surrounding their water usage. They have done a good job (with the aid of elected officials) of confusing the general public into believing that they would be using all effluent water (wastewater) within their project. The FACTS however were and are that their Certificate of Environmental Compatibly (which has been stayed by the ACC) did NOT require the usage of effluent water at all. Petitions that I have seen recently forwarded around by Realtors uses misleading terminology to deceive the general population. This community is not ignorant of the deception being lauded us. We have enough concern and caring for our neighbors that we research these issues thoroughly and we fight for what we think is right!

Mayes has been a staunch supporter and promoter of renewable and sustainable projects here in Arizona. She obviously understands that to be a truly green and a positive project for the desert southwest a solar power plant MUST utilize the DRY-cooling process when wastewater is not available. KUDOS to Ms. Mayes for her determination to bring good projects to Arizona that do not destroy its very limited and depleting water sources! I hope to see far more of this kind of fortitude in those representing THE PEOPLE of Arizona!