Is your imagination good enough to term new words and phrases?

I don't know about you, but I always seem to have my eyes buried in the morning newspaper (yep, I actually have one delivered to my residence) or I'm staring at the screen of my laptop checking out the various media outlets' websites for the latest news, information, gossip and/or what others are saying or are posting in regard to various stories.

Sometimes the things I see in the newspaper and on my laptop inspire me to start banging out another commentary, blog and/or just to make a comment or two about what someone else might have said.

After reading many comments posted by individuals about various recent stories, commentaries, and letters to the editor and comments about other people's comments, I decided to start a definition dictionary of the different types of people who post comments and acronyms for blogging terms.

No, my dictionary of internet terms isn't going to be as long or as in-depth as "The American College Dictionary." The new definition dictionary doesn't have to be limited to what I come up with and I encourage others to make their additions.

Some of the entries are ones I previously saw on the various websites, some were suggestions from others and some came from within the vacuum located between my two big ears.

Terms in regard to the internet and commenting on stories are as vast as the stars in the night's sky. Only the lack of one's imagination can limited the terms people can come up with to describe something or someone.

Well, here it goes and as previously stated, I encourage others to add to the list:

Blogged - someone people wrote about or made a comments about on a blog.

Blogger - an individual who always uses a moniker instead of their own name and normally responds in a proper fashion with an opinion. They may not agree with the particular story, commentary, letter to the editor and/or posting by another individual, and occasionally has the propensity to verbally attack other posters for their comments.

Blogspotted - believe it or not, there is a website called this where things individuals post may end up highlighted on this particular website.

Bulloggor - a new term for individuals who will only use a moniker; loves to just rant and rave, and has no idea what they are talking about. They write stuff, even if it doesn't make any sense, just so they can see their ramblings posted on the Miner's website. They also post unintelligent, negative and stupid comments just to incite others to respond to their idiotic postings. It is their only way in life to attempt to blow off steam, toot their own horn and for them to attempt to show they may have some intelligence; however, they are normally extremely ignorant.

Poster - an individual who uses their own name and makes a comment in regard to a story, commentary, letter to the editor and/or posting by another individual. They do not necessarily agree with the particular story, commentary, letter to the editor and/or posting by another individual, but they normally respond in a proper fashion with their intelligent opinion.

Proletariator - is normally a renter because they never had the forethought to invest in a piece of real estate, never seems to own anything of value because their priorities are way out of whack and spends most of their hard-earned money on partying in bars. The proletariator always posts negative comments about individuals and businesses that could possibly make a difference with the local job market. Even though they will not admit to it, they are resentful toward others who have made their mark in life and have something to show for it.

Yes, there are "tons" of other words and phrases that describe the internet and people who post comments, but I honestly don't think there is enough byte space available on the Miner's website to list them all. This is where you come into the picture. I think all of the fellow bloggers, bulloggers, and posters of proletariators would love to see what everyone imagination can come up with for new terms.