Letter: The irrelevant Trent Franks

Folks, we are getting down to the wire here, and I'm feeling terribly anxious about this election. A day when Jan Brewer is considered a great statesman, and people from around the country calling for her to run for president, is a sad day for Arizona indeed. I shake my head so much it has become a natural occurrence even as I sleep.

But this isn't about Jan Brewer, although I have a few choice words for her as well. This is about my congressman, Trent Franks, who has "represented" Arizona's Congressional District 2 since 2002.

I had the opportunity to see him in action 14 months ago at a town hall meeting in Kingman. What I was witness to disgusted me.

At a time when we Arizonans are losing our jobs and our homes, Mr. Franks chose to open the event with a "Heritage Foundation" film called "33 minutes." Very dramatic! Lights down, bombs exploding, people turning to dust. This is the kind of fear tactics people like Franks use to scare people into voting for them. And it's despicable behavior!

He is obsessed with missile defense when his only job right now should be helping the people of his district through this time of crisis. Missile defense is as irrelevant to the homeless and jobless as Trent Franks is to Arizona.

Franks also seems to have a problem with the truth when it doesn't suit him. At the same aforementioned town hall meeting, in front of God and everyone in attendance, he swore that his first order of business upon returning to work would be to file a lawsuit to make President Obama produce his birth certificate.

In a matter of a couple of days, he stated that he had changed his mind and decided against filing the suit. Even later, in a taped interview, he stated that he had never said it in the first place. He threw everyone who was at that meeting, especially those who erupted into applause and cheered his statement, right under the bus.

He called them liars. What kind of person does that? No one I want representing me, that's for certain.

What I'm getting at is that if you have not yet made up your mind, and you want someone who will work on bringing jobs to our area and who truly cares about our children's health and education, please consider casting your vote for John Thrasher. He's a good man and has only your best interests at heart, not some multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

Kimberly Lawrence

Bullhead City