Letter: Elected officials are utterly amazing

It always amazes me what our elected officials view as "important work." First, we are putting a traffic light on Hualapai Mountain Road. Why would we spend this much money in a time when so many people can't find work and so few people will benefit from it?

Then we decide that we should start policing how many animals people have. Why are we not just taking care of the irresponsible owners? I don't care if someone has one animal or 10 as long as they are taken care of. My animals are like my children, and no one is going to tell me how many I can have.

Then we take money away from programs for seniors who depend on that meal to survive. Shame on you if we can't feed our own people. We are also spending money on a train station, and now we want to make it into a museum? It seems our elected officials need to rethink their priorities.

Karen Wright