Property taxes will be mailed soon

KINGMAN - Mohave County residents will be receiving property tax bills in their mailboxes soon. The Treasurer's Office is currently in the process of printing the bills. If everything goes according to plan, the bills should be in the mail by Friday. There is no deadline as to when the bills must be mailed.

This year's bill will show an increase in the county property tax. In August, the Board of Supervisors approved a tax rate of $1.46 per $100 of assessed value on a home.

Last year's county tax rate was $1.26 per $100 of assessed value.

The first half of the bill is due Oct. 1. The bill becomes delinquent after Nov.1.

However, if a property owner pays the entire bill before Dec. 31, no penalties will be assessed. The second half of the bill is due March 1 and is delinquent if not paid before May 1.

Property owners who have a property tax bill of less than $100 are required to pay their entire bill by Oct. 1.

Property owners have a number of ways to deliver their tax payment. They can visit the Treasurer's Office in the County Administration Building, 700 W. Beale St., or place the payment in the drop box near the front doors of the County Administration Building, or mail the payment to the Treasurer's Office, or pay their bill online.

To pay online, visit and click on "Departments," then click on "Treasurer" and "pay taxes online."