Animal rescue organization passes P&Z test

KINGMAN - The Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission approved an extension of time for a zoning use permit for an animal rescue organization in Golden Valley Wednesday.

The commission unanimously recommended an extension of time for a zoning use permit for Rescue Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation in Golden Valley with some conditions. RUFFF was cited last year for having too many dogs without a kennel permit and for having pigeons on the roofs of buildings.

The organization will have to complete a site plan, comply with the county's kennel ordinance, and building permits will have to be obtained for any buildings on the property that currently don't have one. RUFFF will also have to reduce the number of adult dogs on the property to 135, the amount approved in a 2006 zoning use permit. The commission gave RUFFF six months to reduce the population of dogs.

Hillary Allison, the owner of RUFFF, told the commission that she had adopted out a number of animals in the past few months and is down to around 149 dogs. She said she didn't want more animals but people continue to abandon dogs near her facility and she didn't feel comfortable taking them to the pound where they might be euthanized.

Mohave County Environmental Health Director Rachel Patterson said Allison has been working with the department to meet the department's requirements for a kennel permit. The department is requiring that the dirt floors in the kennels be replaced with sand, that the chain link fence in some pens be fixed, that Allison get a zoning permit to run the organization and that the number of dogs be limited to 135.

Commissioner Mehdi Azarmi asked if the property still had zoning violations on it.

Planning and Zoning Manager Chris Ballard said the department did not have any formal complaints about the property.

Another commissioner asked how long it would take Allison to reduce the number of dogs on the property.

Allison said she did not know because adoptions of large dogs had dropped.

The commission then voted to give her six months to reduce the number of adult dogs on the property to 135.

The extension of time request will go before the Board of Supervisors in May.