Kingman Letters: The exempt lead us to our downfall

I read about an Arizona State Senator who walked away from an arrest because he was "exempt" but the other person in the car with him was arrested. Now I understand that the United States Congress is thinking about shutting down and stopping the pay for federal staff, but the Congress is "exempt" from this shutdown and will get paid! The Congress passed health care last year, but none of them are covered by this plan, so they are "exempt" here, too. I am a little more than concerned we have been asleep at the wheel in America and have allowed public servants to act as our masters and lords rather than our servants!

Right here in Mohave County, I have read articles by the paid county manager who commented on citizen's rights. This manager also made very insulting comments about this citizen's family heritage. Why did a paid government staffer make political comments and get away with it? The BOS evidently feels he is exempt! But legally he's not exempt, only elected officials are, so why are we letting paid staff exceed the authority we gave them?

I've come across a situation in a local city where the city manager has been given the power to fire anyone on staff he decides to fire. I am very sorry the seven-member city council is not able to see the danger in this move. Is anyone aware we are not at sea and the rule of a captain is not valid here on land? If we allow a contracted manager to act in a self-serving manner, that manger will tamper with the system to his or her financial advantage, and we will run into an iceberg of corruption!

That powerful person will give raises to his supporters and fire those that don't agree with his or her policies. These special "self-enacted" exemptions by some governments are very, very dangerous and do in fact lead to the destruction of a democracy. The fall of many foreign nations was the result of special captains of industry at the local level and corrupted governments who were controlled in the background by "exalted leaders" with special interests. These special "power brokers" felt exempt from the rule of common law as we seem to see today. We will go down with the ship if we fall asleep and let the "exempt" rule!

Dean Wolslagel