Kingman Letters: Obama fooled the liberals

MARC NOZELL/Wikimedia Commons

MARC NOZELL/Wikimedia Commons

So, liberals living in Kingman who voted for Barry Obama - how do you feel about it now? Are you still cocky about receiving another welfare check? You voted for him thinking you would receive more handouts exclusively for the lazy. Barry fooled you then, and Barry is fooling you now.

I'm going to make this lesson real easy for you, so put down the crack pipe, bong, or Budweiser and try to keep up. Your messiah, Barry, has been following a deadly outline designed to crumble the religious, moral and the financial foundation of America, leaving the people weak and willing to give in to a takeover by Barry and his minions. When America was created, the founding fathers warned of such a takeover. Back then, the founding fathers were thinking of kings as the enemy. Today the threat is from within the liberal Barry Obama administration. I believe Obama and his liberal minions secretly want to remake America into something very different than the one of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison had in mind. An America not of liberty but of tyranny.

The lesson here is simple! President Obama and his Liberal minions have to be voted out of office in 2012.

Emile 'Moe' Manara