Letters to the Editor: Sunday, August 7, 2011

GOP and the benefits of war

The Republican party does not mind sending the poor middle class off to war, but will not raise taxes on the rich who profit from the business of war?

Can somebody please explain this to me.

Frank Berdan


Hijacked by the tea party

Well the tea (or me!) party has hijacked the country. Apparently caring about no one who is unemployed or who depends on U.S. government issued checks, they are ready to destroy the credibility of this country. This is the I, Me, My, Mine Party. Their credo is (as Erik Cantor put it), "I want what I want, when I want it!" If that causes you pain, that's just too bad.

At a time when over one in 10 people are already unemployed, at a time when sane people are trying to figure out how to open up more jobs, these people want to fire thousands of government workers, teachers and first responders. On top of that, they want the older workers to continue working, instead of retiring and opening up a few jobs.

At a time when more people are in need, they want to cut the safety net programs that help them. They claim people are using the safety net as a hammock. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but sooner or later one must look at the facts. My definition of stupidity is willful ignorance.

Now to Mr./Ms. Tea Party rookie and your accomplices, your puppet masters (Grover Norquist and the billionaire Koch brothers) are laughing up their sleeves. Before you even took the oath of office they convinced you to sign a pledge to not raise revenue and to serve them instead of your respective constituents. You got just about everything they told you to get, yet you still whined like a basket of pups.

The crisis was averted, but not put to rest. Because you acted like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum in a toy store, the threat still looms. The U.S. bond rating is still in jeopardy because our government resembles an elementary school playground. I understand you've adopted the motto "Don't tread on me."

Stay out of my path!

Marcus "Pete" Hoover

Golden Valley

Fast, furious and fired

A contributor recently postulated (Speak Up, Aug. 2) that Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder couldn't have possibly not known of the existence of Fast and Furious, the BATFE's disastrously inept attempt to track weapons sold to straw buyers in the U.S. then smuggled to drug cartels in Mexico.

Obama and Holder undoubtedly colluded to allow such an ill-advised plan to be put into action. Regardless of whether Holder knew about F & F or not, he should be fired. If he did in fact know about it, then he is guilty of criminal action; if he didn't know about it, then he is guilty of gross incompetence for not knowing what's going on in his own department.

The House should continue its investigation until all the facts are known. Holder then should be censured and fired and Obama should be impeached.

Incidentally, the Mexican government has recently retained a U.S. law firm to file lawsuits against the gun dealers involved in those straw sales. To file suit in the U.S., foreign entities are required to obtain agreement from the very same DOJ that compelled the gun dealers to sell the weapons to straw buyers in the first place. Is this part of Obama's end-run around the Second Amendment?

D.B. Mitchell

Valle Vista