Letter to the Editor: The great political divide

The entire country is split virtually in half between conservatives and liberals. Because of that, both sides have to play their advantages in order to win. Liberals use race as an advantage because they know they can always down-cry the conservatives by making them look like white supremacists. Like the Tea Party for instance. They always say there are only white people inside there and the Tea Party is only a new face on the KKK. Even though that is not true, people fall for it and the Tea Party loses support. In truth there are just as many blacks as there is whites inside the Tea Party and they are only there to help America, not to "slam down a democrat."

They are also using the parties as a way to distract people from what is important. Right now the Democrats want big government and the Republicans supposedly want a small government. In truth both parties want big government. Parties are just there to make sure people don't look in on what's behind the scenes. As an example, this is the history of the two parties. The Democrats are traced back to the Anti-Federalist Party, which advocated an extremely small government under the Articles of Confederation, while the Republicans are traced to the Federalist Party, which advocated a much stronger, centralized government under the Constitution. If you are wondering why I put this small piece of history in, it is to show you that parties don't matter. Parties are changed all the time so it could suit the purpose of which it was designed, to put people against each other and to take the people's eyes away from the real threat of the politicians doing their dirty deeds.

Aaron Adamian