Kingman letters: County should give RUFFF a chance

As I was reading the article about RUFFF (Nov. 25 KDM), I wondered why Ms. Milkie had such a vendetta against Hillarie Allison. Ms. Allison is trying very hard to abide and comply to all rules and regulations. My husband and I did visit the facility and we found that the animals were very happy and although neither of us is a vet, the dogs looked very healthy.

My nephew, who works for RUFFF, is working very hard to do many improvements. While walking around, I noticed that all the dog's water pans were clean and filled with clean water. Although I hate to see the dogs in cages, it is better than the alternative. Perhaps if everyone spayed or neutered their animals there wouldn't be as many animals abandoned that end up in sanctuaries. There are too many animals abandoned out in the desert to fend for themselves where there isn't food or water, and Ms. Allison has rescued and taken many of these dogs.

So this is a request to the county to please give her a chance to help these animals live out the rest of their lives with kindness and care. Thank you.

Marlene Tidwell

Golden Valley