Kingman Letter: Thanks to Jaye Branch & Gregg Holden

Last week, my two granddaughters were traveling on a road trip through Kingman when their car broke down. They made it into a restaurant parking lot and tried to reach me to no avail. They had no money and knew no one in your town to ask for help.

They went into JB's Restaurant and asked the owner, Jaye Branch, if it would be all right if they slept in the car in the parking lot. She went and got them a hotel room next door as she said it was too cold for them to sleep in the car.

The next day my granddaughters kept trying to reach me, but couldn't. They went back to the restaurant where Jaye fed them and then called a mechanic, Gregg Holden. Mr. Holden came to JB's and drove the girls' car to his shop where he fixed it (Jaye Branch paid for it), then Mr. Holden himself donated a set of tires to my girls after noticing that their tires were almost bald.

It's acts of kindness like that that make me feel good about people. Times are tough for everyone plus it's holiday time, and these two people went out of their way to help two strangers. I thank God for people like them. I want the people of Kingman to know how lucky they are to have citizens like Jaye and Gregg.

God bless.

Vivien Landes

Las Vegas