Kingman Letter: Racist GOP runs wild in Michigan

I am wondering if this paper's readers are aware of what is happening in Michigan? Many of the letter writers and responders to the "Letters to the Editor" section have accused President Obama of being a socialist, or called him a Hitler wannabe who hates capitalism and is trying to take over this country. Many have stated that this country will eventually come under martial law and we will be living in police states if Obama has his way.

They were right about this country turning into police states. It is already happening in Michigan. However, it is not because of President Obama or any other Democrat - it is because of the Republican governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder.

This tyrant and his Republican cronies have already taken over four Michigan cities and appointed one person to each of the four cities, one person, who has the right to dismiss all elected officials, sell off that city's assets, fire workers, get rid of the police department and the fire department, and close down any other business he or she has a mind to, and even dismantle the city, itself. By dismissing elected officials, this one person has made the people's votes null-and-void. This is a dictatorship with a hidden agenda. Just like every other Republican, their goal is to make Obama a one-term president.

The four cities that have been taken over are predominantly black. Now the Governor is considering taking over Detroit. Do your readers have any idea how devastating this could be? The person Gov. Snyder decides to put in charge of Detroit could obstruct the automobile industry from operating, dismantle unions, and lay off thousands of workers, which would raise the unemployment rate dramatically, and even declare that city dead-in-the-water, which means that any citizen's votes could be thrown out the window.

There are just as many predominantly white cities in Michigan that are in financial ruin, but only the predominantly black cities are the ones being taken over.

Is this an effort to suppress the vote of those who voted for Obama in 2008? Of course it is! There are 31 states that have new voter ID laws making it harder for minorities, senior citizens, and college students to vote - the majority of those people who voted for Obama. Republicans claim that these new laws were created to prevent voter fraud. Excuse me? Since 1976, there have been only 311 cases of voter fraud out of 593 million votes. The Republicans, who claim to love the Constitution, are taking away approximately 5 million American citizen's Constitutional right to vote. Why? Because they know that there is no other way they could possible win in 2012. They have no platform to run on, no solutions to fix the economy, and not one candidate capable of beating Obama. So, they have to pull all of these underhanded tactics to suppress the people's votes. Republicans continue to protect the wealthy, their benefactors, at the expense of the poor and middle-class.

Keep in mind, Michigan will be a template for other Republican governors to follow suit. Eventually, we may all be living in police states!

Lori Gabriel-Dane