KPD: Vehicle burglaries surge

KINGMAN - Kingman Police are reminding drivers to lock their cars after receiving multiple reports of vehicle burglaries.

Police said they have seen a significant increase in reports of vehicles being burglarized in the last few weeks. Most of the break-ins, they said, are occurring at night and in the early morning hours.

Kingman Police Capt. Rusty Cooper said that most of the vehicles had been left unlocked with valuables inside. Cooper said this makes it easy for thieves to target easy marks by simply walking up and down the street checking door handles.

Police continue to encourage residents to remove all valuables not just from sight but out of the vehicle and to lock their doors. The use of outside residential lighting is also recommended as a deterrent.

Cooper said vehicles that are being warmed up in driveways are also easy targets for thieves.

It is recommended by Kingman Police that drivers stay in their vehicles while the engine is running.

Police said they would like to remind everyone that most of these actions are "crimes of opportunity." Cooper said that opportunity, combined with the tough economy and the holiday season, are convenient excuses for thieves and other criminals.

Anyone who sees suspicious behavior is urged to contact the Kingman Police Department at (928) 753-2191.