Letter: Cats just need more love

This is in reply to Linda Chowns' letter of Jan. 30: "Take care of your cats properly." Ms. Chowns, with all respect, I agree with you that people should take proper care of their pets and not let them roam into your yard, causing problems. But in this society, love of one's pets is not the problem, it is the solution.

Pets are best taken care of when they are included in the love given to our "family, friends and neighbors." In fact, pets are family. They depend upon us as their guardians to keep them safe and not out roaming day or night. Also, there are many, many feral cats that could be the real cause of anyone's aggravation. And they breed "like rabbits." These poor cats are homeless and wild because many cat owners and society at large refuse to muster the love required to assure that cats, and dogs as well, are spayed or neutered.

Joanne Moore