Tow trucks could be added to 'move over' law

PHOENIX - An Arizona Senate bill designed to protect stranded motorists and roadside assistance workers has moved to two committees in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Senate Bill 1133 would require motorists to make a lane change or slow down, if safely possible, when approaching any stationary vehicle, such as a tow truck or car, displaying flashing lights or warning lights. The current law requires motorists to slow down or move into another lane only for emergency or law enforcement vehicles.

The House Transportation and Rules committees are currently discussing the bill. The bill passed out of the Senate by a 28 to 1 vote on Feb. 8. Sen. Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, voted against the bill.

According to AAA Arizona, 49 other states have laws that require motorists to move over for emergency vehicles and 39 have "move over" laws that include tow truck drivers and other roadside service vehicles.

According to AAA Arizona, a tow truck driver and motorist were killed in August 2008 on Route 202 near Phoenix when a heavy-equipment truck drove into them.

Two other tow truck drivers lost their lives in similar accidents in 2006.