Letter: Socialism in Kingman?

Several residents have asked me to write about the "special care" and what appears top be a "social network support group" for the local golf course.

Not many of you know I did play golf with the designer of our local golf course, Mr. Billy Casper, a few years ago and he was a real nice guy and I love golf.

But, look everyone, times are tough and we are now charging my home and 8,000 others special increases (about 80 percent more) in sewer fees for the protection of our ground aquifer. We should be able to really look at city operations costs and see that the special "social treatment" given to the golf course is wrong, and it is actually losing around $300,000 per year in our public funds.

No city owns golf courses any more because they cost more than they bring in. That's just a fact. The city forgets to tell people it costs money in electric pumping costs to pump those hundreds of millions of gallons of water to the course. That little fact is never really explained by the course supporters. Stop the public social support of the course and sell it to some smart investor and give the

taxpayers a break from these special interests!

Dean Wolslagel