Anniversary: Michael and Alice Rose

Michael and Alice Rose have been together for 50 years. Alice is the former Alice Hiltebrand. They were married in LaPorte, Ind., on Dec. 29, 1961. They have five children, 20 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren. In their words, the ingredients for marriage are: A boy, a girl, lots of love, more trust, open conversation, children, hard work, loving warm home, faith in God, good sex, a little petting, joy, laughter, understanding, recreation, relaxation, tasty food, candlelight, security, mutual support, togetherness, vixen behavior, a wink, a warm touch and gentleness. Marriages are made of things which can't be seen, bought or touched. Just things felt, known and understood by those lucky married ones. P.S.: Mix well and preserve. It is hard to find.