News Briefs: Thursday, January 13, 2011


The U.S. Census Bureau released more data from the 2010 Census Wednesday morning.

The new data deals with migration of residents within the U.S. The bureau has not released local population figures yet. It is unknown when the bureau will release those figures.

According to the information the bureau released Wednesday, the three states that had the largest change in population due to migration were California, Texas and Michigan. Texas was the only state that gained more people than it lost. The state gained 535,500 people and had 405,000 leave. Both California and Michigan lost more people than they gained. California lost 605,500 and gained 467,00. Michigan lost 209,000 and only gained 124,000.


There will be no city of Kingman residential or commercial trash service on Monday, Jan. 17.

Monday and Tuesday customers should put their cans out one day late.