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"How to Shop FOR FREE: Shopping Secrets for Smart Women Who Love to Get Something for Nothing!" by Kathy Spencer with Samantha Rose; 978-0-7382-1456-6; pages: 226; $14.95; Dec. 1, 2010; paperback; Da Capo Press Lifelong Books.

Ladies, haven't you always wanted to go shopping and fill up those carts with lots of bargains and never spend more than a few dollars?

Kathy Spencer has developed a system where you can get a $267.22 grocery bill down to one penny! She has been covered by major media showing her at work. Yes, work!

She has kept track of her savings and claims to have saved more than $60,000 per year with her system. Her system is perfectly legal and very intriguing. She shares with her readers the methodology that she uses.

One of the outstanding features of this book is the use of the Internet. Spencer lists websites where you can find bargains and others who are sharing savings like her. Also, she includes some pitfalls to avoid. Why make mistakes like a novice when you can shop like a seasoned saver? Simple advice about how to file and use the coupons which you gather on a daily or weekly basis is one of her tips. How to use rainchecks to your advantage and not to fret that the store is out of the item is another.

Throughout the book, she talks about how you should practice ethics in your dealings with any store. Kathy points out that many of the stores' employees who check you out are not totally familiar with the stores' policies or regulations in crediting coupons.

She recommends that you do not jump up and down, scream and shout, or exhibit some other bad behavior when you do not get the credit to which you are entitled. What she says to do is carry with you a copy of the store's own policies which they usually post on their websites.

Once you have educated the cashiers at that store, you can leave your rulebook at home!

Some coupons are manufacturer-issued and others are store-issued for the same item. You can stack them up, but for only one purchase. Sometimes there is no limit on the number of items you can purchase, and this is where ethics comes in.

To paraphrase what Kathy says, if it is a close-out item, you can clear the shelf. If it is just a sale item, leave some for the next customer.

Spencer has expanded her book to include shopping at many different stores beyond the grocery stores. Many tips are included which you would have never imagined possible, where you can get items for free from such stores as the Gap and Victoria's Secret.

You may not have these stores in your community, but they are certainly available online or in a nearby city where you normally shop.

These economic times make it necessary to save wherever you can. This book and the website can save you considerable dollars! Both are designed to give you unbelievable savings.

Visit: and then buy this highly recommended book.

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Clark Isaacs is an accomplished book critic who is published in local newspapers and national book review lists. He is a member of the faculty of Mohave Community College in Kingman.