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8:19 AM Fri, Oct. 19th

Letter: Place blame where it belongs

In Sunday's (Jan. 16) Miner, Lori Gabriel-Dane accused Republicans of having caused the tragic shooting of Rep. Giffords, the deaths of six people, the wounding of 13 others, and of wanting to "eliminate" all Democrats. Wow! Ms. Gabriel-Dane, would you also like to blame us for all the hurricanes, floods and earthquakes in the world? I guess the Romans who nailed Christ to the cross were Republicans too.

The shootings in Tucson were the result of a man who is mentally deranged. There is no proof this was politically motivated. This man was arrested 10 times before by the sheriff's office for acts by an obviously mentally deranged individual, yet the sheriff blamed the Republicans. It happens to be that this same sheriff is a Democrat who refuses to uphold the laws of the state of Arizona. He was well aware of this mentally deranged man, did nothing to have him held for a mental evaluation even after 10 arrests, and did nothing to provide Giffords with any protection from this man who had a past run-in with her.

Pima Community College refused to allow this man back in school unless he had a letter from a psychiatrist saying he was not a danger to anyone as he had been frightening both professors and students with his words and actions for quite a while. They even called his parents in, yet neither the school nor his parents did anything to get him mental help.

Ms. Gabriel-Dane also stated: "Isn't it wonderful that Arizona has an 'open carry' gun law?" Yes, Ms Gabriel-Dane it is wonderful. If you noticed, the man who shot these people was not carrying a gun openly nor did he have a permit. Perhaps if there had been someone in that crowd who was carrying a gun, they could have ended this after that loon took his first shot.

Ms. Gabriel-Dane stated Republicans are spreading hatred and bigotry and wanted to brainwash people so they would eliminate Democrats. Sounds like she is the one spouting hatred. Ms. Gabriel-Dane stated Republicans were calling the president a Hitler wanna-be. Actually, it seems more like he wants to be Stalin.

Keep it up Ms. Gabriel-Dane - if you keep spreading your hatred and fear-mongering you might get other people injured.

Sandee Samoska