Get the facts on new healthcare law

Citizens, are you tired of being lied to and manipulated by members of Congress? The "Repeal the Job Killing Healthcare Bil"' premise that it will cost 160,000 jobs per the Congressional Budget Office is an awful lie! The bill will allow 160,000 older people to retire without worrying about affording healthcare. This has the potential to create 160,000 jobs for younger citizens who need jobs.

Healthcare bill costs to small business is not why small businesses cannot expand - tax breaks and incentives actually make it profitable for small businesses to provide healthcare for employees - but the greed of the banks that caused this recession is keeping loans unavailable to small businesses while banks are making a fortune on government investments.

The healthcare bill savings per the CBO - which our congressmen choose to ignore - will save this country $230 billion over the next 10 years. Check out for the facts. Healthcare insurance companies spending millions in lobbying money to our members of Congress is what is driving this waste of time. Call or write your members of Congress and tell them to tell the truth, stop wasting their time and our money and repeal the tax cuts for them and their millionaire pals.

Danny Baker