Hate speech coming from the left

In a letter in last Sunday's Miner, Lori Gabriel-Dane accused Republicans of "... spreading your hatred and bigotry ..." and that if they "... brainwash enough people, one by one the Democrats can be eliminated."

Unfortunately for Ms. Gabriel-Dane, she has her facts completely wrong. The reports and comments by those who knew this evil man present an entirely different picture.

First, his mother was a long-time employee of the county, and even though the police had been called to the home several times in the past few years, he was protected by the Pima County Sheriff's Office, as well as Pima Community College.

Second, he never listened to talk radio or watched TV, much less Fox News. According to his own "MySpace" page and YouTube account, two of his favorite books were "Mein Kampf" and "Communist Manifesto," neither of which promoted any right-wing ideologies. On a side-note, the only real difference between Hitler and Marx is that the former believed in "National" socialism and Marx promoted a global socialist order under the "proletariat" control. Also, a friend, Caitie Parker, tweeted extensively last Saturday that Jared Loughner was a "leftist pothead." She was on "Good Morning America" Sunday repeating much of the same words.

In fact, I would propose that Loughner targeted Congresswoman Giffords because she was too moderate and thus distasteful to him! After all, she supported the 2nd Amendment and securing our borders. And our state senator, Ron Gould, sat next to her in the Legislature. I believe he found her to be principled and reasonable to work with.

So, the left's blatantly false message has fallen on deaf ears, as the people have learned the full story. Furthermore, the real promoters of "hate speech" and violence are people like Bill Mahar, Obama's buddy William Ayers and Van Jones. The evidence of the leftists shouting down opposing points of view are voluminous, as evidenced by the recent arrest of J. Eric Fuller, who snapped a photo of Tucson tea party leader Trent Humphries, and then said to him, "You're dead!"

So, Ms. Gabriel-Dane, after reading your letter, I will ask, just who is the one spewing "hate speech" here?

Steven Robinson

Bullhead City