Letter: Tea party supposed to be non-partisan

I am a Libertarian living in a time when there is an uptick in interest in the constitution and liberty. The tea party was founded on libertarian beliefs and still maintains that. What the tea party believes, we Libertarians have been pushing for 40 years. Recently, I was removed from the local Kingman Tea Party for having a different opinion and pointing out it is supposed to be a non-partisan group. I complimented the fight for gay rights in which one person literally spewed vulgar language and slurs.

When I pointed out that a picture posted by the administration insulting Democrats was hypocritical because of the GOP being just as bad and noting that the tea party is non-partisan, I was removed. I was accused of being a "liberal" and a verbal terrorist by the administration. Isn't the tea party supposed to be non-partisan and for open debate to opposing views supported by free speech, or am I wrong?

I have the proof to back up my claims and can readily show anyone who wants to see. I can also provide names of those backing me there in this and will willingly do so, so that true justice can prevail and not tyranny and censorship. Seems the local tea party administration is as bad as what they allegedly fight against.

Sie Williams