Letter: Kudos to golf course staff

We are very fortunate, in a community of this size, to have such a beautiful golf course. The reason this golf course is so stellar is directly attributable to Mike Meersman, the golf course superintendent, and his exemplary staff.

Mr. Meersman's leadership has taken the condition of the golf course to an entirely new level. When the course was originally handed off to him, it had some areas that were in dire need of attention. Mike and his staff have systematically addressed those areas and have patiently and financially-responsibly improved them. The most dramatic part of what Mr. Meersman and the staff have been able to pull off, are the improvements they have made to the entire property as well as the golf course proper. He and his staff have a unique and profound vision of various areas around the course and have brought their collective vision to reality through hard work, resourcefulness, and a commitment to consistent improvement.

The improvements that have been made, and continue to be made, include everything from beautification to irrigation. For example, the work accomplished on the ladies 18th tee box is very unique in its usefulness (drainage), aesthetic beauty, and the use of recycled material from other areas of the course. Brilliant! (This is just one of a variety of examples I could refer to.)

It is also very impressive that while the improvements are being made, maintenance of the course is not suffering. As citizens, and especially golfers, we should also remember that Mr. Meersman and his staff are doing this commendable work in light of no foreseeable raises, staff shortages, part-time employees, and limited financial resources. I would like to give the golf course superintendent (Mr. Meersman) and his staff the assurance that the golfers at the course truly appreciate all that they do, the manner in which they do it, and that their hard work is not going unnoticed. Mr. Meersman, it is my hope that everyone who plays golf at our course is thanking you and your staff every time they see you.

Thanks again.

Dave Dale