Changes for Suddenlink cause internet outages

KINGMAN - Some local NPG Cable customers experienced Internet and phone outages Thursday and Friday, but the problem has since been resolved.

Senior Vice President of Suddenlink's Corporate Communications Pete Abel wrote in an email to the Miner Friday that Suddenlink has been preparing for months to move customers off the technology platforms used by NPG and on to the ones used by Suddenlink, which bought NPG for $350 million back in late November.

"This process is extremely complex, involving tens of thousands of customers and countless hours of testing and preparation," Abel wrote. "The culmination of that work started earlier this week in Arizona."

Between midnight and 5 a.m. Thursday, Suddenlink started the process, Abel explained. Most, but not all, transitions happened without issue. For the ones that didn't go as planned - where customers lost service - Abel said the vast majority had service restored within a few hours. Very few customers, however, were without service for 24 hours, he added.

Of the 40,000 Internet and phone customers in the area, which includes parts of California, approximately 5 percent (2,000 people) lost service temporarily. Of those 40,000 customers, about 1 percent of them lost service for an extended period of time. As of Friday, Abel said only seven calls remained in the customer service queue.

"We sincerely apologize to the affected customers," Abel said. "Every single customer is important to us, and we will not rest until all have service restored."