Suddenlink working out kinks

KINGMAN - Although some people continue to experience problems with their Suddenlink Internet and phone service, a company spokesman wants to assure everyone that technicians are working around the clock to correct the problems.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Pete Abel said Suddenlink is aware of the persistent problems but maintains they are isolated.

"Only a fraction of a fraction of customers are still having problems," Abel said.

Although last week's NPG to Suddenlink platform conversion was thought to be the cause of phone and Internet outages, Abel said the persisting problems may stem from other issues.

Kingman resident Craig Steele said his high speed Internet took a nosedive early last week, and he lost phone and Internet service for four days between Saturday and Tuesday.

Now that his service is up and running, all is well, and his Internet speed is even faster than what he is used to. A Suddenlink technician named Bill came to Steele's house to help fix the problems.

Steele said the technician refused to leave till the problems were fixed, which came as a surprise.

"If (Bill's service) typifies Suddenlink, it's a positive," Steele said.

For those who experienced, or continue to experience, extended issues with their Internet, Abel said Suddenlink will issue appropriate credits to those who contact the company.