Kingman Letter: Needing help dealing with the county

I know there has been much controversy over the number of dogs a person is allowed, but I'm hoping you will look at one more case.

I take care of mentally disabled people, and most of them brought several dogs with them when they came to live with me. I have always lived way off in an area with two-and-a-half to five acres.

I was a surgery technician for several animal hospitals for more than 20 years, so I have always made sure they were neutered or spayed, so there would be no over-population problem. I had ten dogs a few years ago, took them for shots, bought toys and tried to get a kennel permit. I was told "No," at the time. I had no neighbors at all and was on five acres.

Because I tried to get a permit, the pound showed up and wrote a ticket. I had to go to court for over the limit with no permit.

I found homes for the dogs, except my own four, and paid a fine, but in court they do not care why you had the dogs; you can't even explain. Then I had a couple of deaths in my family, and there was no one to take their pets but me. I was working on finding homes when a family member got mad at me and called the pound. Again I had to go to court, paid a fine and was put on probation.

Most of the mentally disabled people have moved on to other places, and I have one woman who came with ten dogs that had been dumped on her. I fixed them all, and we were looking for homes when the pound came to her home and gave her three tickets. She had only been there a short time. We took them all to get shots and county tags and applied for a kennel permit. They will not issue one they say, because the person who inherited the property from a death does not have a permit for the septic.

I'm sorry, but none of the dogs use the toilet! All the dogs are very old and are taken care of exceptionally well. Now I have to move her back to California, I lost my job and cannot get another one because I'm listed as a multiple misdemeanor person. They took away my livelihood. No one will hire me.

I am in search of an attorney who will take the case on this. They want to put her in jail, and I'm losing my home.

Juanita Zamarripa

Golden Valley