Medical Marijuana, Profits, or Patients

Arizona has a new medical marijuana law, and it seems nobody knows what to do, not the department of health, and not law enforcement.

I contacted both the Mohave County Sheriffs Office, the county attorney, and Bullhead City PD, asking for help with educating people about the new law, so patients and caregivers know what's expected under the law, but I don't think law enforcement knows what's expected. The sheriff's office said they didn't want to get involved in setting prices.

The Medical Marijuana Act was written so people with serious medical conditions could get the marijuana they need, not to make a living being caregivers. Arizona is transforming from a black-market system, where patients payed black-market prices to who ever they could find, to a legal system where caregivers can only recover actual expenses for the medical marijuana they grow for patients.

The law says caregivers, "may receive reimbursement for actual costs incurred in assisting a registered qualifying patient's medical use of marijuana." It also says, "the designated caregiver may not be paid any fee or compensation for his service as a caregiver."

I'm a compliance officer for Dr. Venger in Ft. Mohave. I assist with the medical marijuana certification process and work with pain patients having problems. I see patients every day cutting down or stopping their opioid pain medications, and I can only see positive outcomes from getting off opioids, especially when the patient uses eatables.

But if patients can't afford the medical marijuana they need once they stop the opioids, what do they do, go back to taking the dangerous pharmaceuticals? Law enforcement should be educating patients and potential caregivers about the new law, so patients don't get ripped off, and no caregivers get arrested.

How we accomplish this transformation from the black market to a legal market, will determine if law enforcement views the people growing marijuana for patients as caregivers or drug dealers.

I find it hard to believe that drug cartels and others profiting from the black market were only selling their marijuana for what it cost them to grow it, but that's what they're asking us to believe.

Again I'm asking, someone, anyone, just show me on paper why their marijuana costs so much. It's simple, kWh's times the number of hours the light runs, clones, hardware, fertilizer, and if you use 10% of your home, 10% of the rent.... Someone, anyone????????