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3:43 PM Wed, Jan. 16th

The Real Cost to Grow Medical Marijuana

The Rand Drug Policy Research Center and Carnegie Mellon University did a paper called the "Estimated Cost of Production for Legalized Cannabis".

I again remind everyone, medical marijuana is legal in Arizona, and like prescription pain medications that cost $1.00 per pill at the pharmacy, and sell for $10-$30 on the black market, the price of legal medical marijuana should have nothing to do with the black-market price.

The last time I said this, a guy told me growers have the choice of selling to patients, or the black-market, and that was why it cost so much.

That's true, growers can choose to sell their legally grown medical marijuana on the black-market, but they're the ones who get arrested, and they're the ones who make everyone else look bad when they get caught.

Montana almost lost it's medical marijuana law a few months ago. Legislators saw the diversion of medical marijuana to the black-market as easy access for drug dealers, and a bill passed to throw out Montana's medical marijuana altogether, rather than try to fix it.

If the governor hadn't vetoed the bill, Montana would not have a medical marijuana law today.

The majority of Arizona's legislators are not marijuana friendly, so how many news stories about people selling their legally grown medical marijuana for thousands of dollars a pound, will it take for Arizona legislators to come up with some way to stop medical marijuana in Arizona, again. If you don't know the history of drug reform votes in Arizona look it up, or we're doomed to repeat history.

We fought too hard to pass the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, we fought to hard for medical marijuana, to not fight for the rights and protections we have under our new law.

And I'm still waiting for someone, anyone, to show me on paper why legal medical marijuana must costs so much.