Kingman Letter: One conservative's view of reality

Lori Gabriel-Dane (One liberal's view of reality, June 17) sounds like she is a product of a progressive public education system. In other words, she does not know the truth of a situation, she just accepts what the liberal politicians and liberal media tell her and then she repeats their lies. Her entire article was so full of bull you could have ridden it in a rodeo.

I will not belabor you by answering her back on each and every item she brought up. If you believe her, there is nothing I could say even though it is the truth, that would make you believe me. If, like me, you know what she had to say was a crock of bull, then I do not need to tell you.

To those of you who do not know who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you, I can only say you need to do your research. Read what the actual Republican proposals on Social Security and Medicare are. Read what the bills they are proposing actually say, not what the Liberals tell you they say. If you do this, you will find the truth.

Ms. Gabriel-Dane would have you believe Republicans want to throw the elderly out into the streets to die when it is the Obamacare law that is a threat to us all. One thing I will comment on is Ms. Gabriel-Dane's statement that under President Obama "we are gaining over 200,000 jobs a month." The truth is there are over 400,000 newly unemployed per month.

Ms. Gabriel-Dane also forgot that when President Bush was in office he had a Democratic House and Senate. The Democrats in Congress screwed up the country. They are still doing so.

Ms. Gabriel-Dane stated that when you stop and really think about what the Republicans want to do to this country, President Obama and the Democrats look pretty good. That is true only if you are a product of a liberal progressive education!

Sandee Samoska