Kingman Letter: We've got it good here

The rant from Lori Gabriel-Dane published June 17, 2011, finally pushed enough hot buttons to make me "Speak Up!" I retired to Golden Valley permanently in February 2008. I moved from Southern California to escape the rat-race and to go back to a time when rights of freedom were things you could count on - not just remember - read a newspaper with not much news, practically no world affairs, not even yesterday's sports scores, but always something to smile about and not ruin your breakfast on a daily basis.

Those few who must complain about everything don't know how good they have it here. The pace of life and lack of "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality is a huge relief. Extremists do not assault you at every turn. The worst offense I often encounter is people driving too fast on residential dirt roads turning them into washboards.

I have had a life-long fascination with politics, winning elections to my party's county central committee (So-Cal again), working hard for a lot of good guys - Goldwater, Reagan, Perot, to name a few. OK, Goldwater said, "Extremism in pursuit of liberty is not a vice," but carrying a pitchfork to a county meeting is. Logic and common sense will attract open minds to what you say. Ridicule begets ridicule every time.

That brings me to Ms. Dane's letter. Either she is cleverly trying to make liberals look like hands-down winners in idiotic extremity, or she deserves a round of applause for taking "misinformed" to a left-wing extreme beyond belief. I use only one example. Her championing the raising of the debt limit better be accompanied with a Chinese language course. Opening the door for them to buy and control the economy of America (with help from Walmart and Home Depot, et al.) may bring this country to its knees, something no armies have been able to do, from within, Ms. Dane.

Garry Saylor

Golden Valley