Letter: Unions have an unsavory past

Unions have a long history all right, much of it set in intimidation, violence and racism. If unions started out as a good thing, it did not take long for them to become corrupt, and it has only gotten worse with time.

Let's look at the AFL-CIO, which is one of the main instigators in Wisconsin. Just look at the vile attacks union members are using - they are going as far as going to peoples homes and terrorizing families of their intended targets. The AFL-CIO was and is deeply in the unrest in the Middle East. Not because they care for the people, they just want more members so they can get more money. The AFL-CIO even stands shoulder to shoulder with communists and socialists.

Now let's take a quick look at SEIU. Their members in California last year took time out of one of there protests to beat a peaceful Tea Party member just because he was there. And let's not forget that SEIU is in bed with La Raza - you know, the racist group that thinks the entire Southwest of the U.S. should be returned to Mexico.

If you still need more, just look at Detroit. All the corruption in that city government, the loss of half the city's population. It is now a burnt out husk of a city on the verge of collapse. All bought and paid for by the unions! Unions have no place in the public sector, and should be busted out of it.

If I were Governor Walker, I would fire all public employees who are on strike, break the back of the union, then hire people who would just be happy to have a job. It would be nice if all public unions were disbanded, but we know that won't happen with this miserable community organizer, as he tries to pawn himself off as a president. After all, the unions did buy the office for him, and they want a return on their investment.

Donald Stultz