Time or Money?

I'll just answer all of those questions with a question you need to ask yourself (and one that I ask myself every week), and that is, "Do I have more time or more money this week?"

Your answer may vary from week to week. Some weeks I have more money and some weeks I have more time. Other weeks I'm short on both, but because I am committed to sticking within my budget, it is generally easier to find extra time than it is to find extra money. A follow-up question you may ask yourself is, "What are my priorities this week?"

Asking yourself those two questions will definitely help you decide what's best for you that week. Even on weeks I'm short on time, I still have to make it to the store to get my "need" items and may choose to forgo "stockup" shopping for that week. But, don't take too many stockup breaks because as you do - your "need" shopping will steadily increase and you'll be back to where you were before you started using Grocery Smarts - with an empty pantry and a stretched budget!