Letter: Golf course profitable in 3 years

As president of the Kingman Men's Golf Association for the past three years and also on the Golf Advisory Committee for the same amount of time, I feel well enough informed to relate a few facts about the golf course. Misconceptions and falsehoods are being presented to the public.

The reference that the golf course is a big financial drain to the city is far from the truth. As Coral Lloyd, city financial services director, has stated, the city pays only 10 percent of the operating cost of the course, which amounts to around $100,000 a year. What most people do not realize is that within three years the note on the construction of the second 9 holes, completed in 1996, will be paid off, saving $315,000 a year. With that done, the golf course will be making approximately $200,000 a year. As this golf course continues to grow, as it has in the past three years, the income to the city budget will grow.

The water usage topic has also been misrepresented by ill-informed letter writers. The course uses city water and there is a state users fee that has to be paid out of the golf course budget.

This golf course attracts businesses to Kingman. It brings in business people and tourists alike off the freeway and highways to play and stay here in town.

This course also provides one of the premier junior golf programs in the country, and I do mean the country.

Playing on a large number of golf courses around the country for many years, and particularly around Southern California, having moved from there eight years ago, I believe this one course does more than all those others put together.

Teaching young kids the game of golf is a great lesson of the fundamentals of life and particularly courtesy and sportsmanship. It is a well-rounded activity that keeps kids out of trouble and off the streets. We also help support the high school boys and girls golf teams.

To deprive this city of the golf course would be a devastating blow to the economy of this area as well as recreation to many citizens, young and old.

I hope this answers some of the concerns about our beautiful golf course we have in the heart of Kingman - a very valuable asset for all.

Thanks for your time and support.

Frank Gurzi