Kennel ordinance hits BOS agenda again

KINGMAN - The revised kennel ordinance that has caused such an uproar among animal rescue organizations and their supporters will return to the Board of Supervisors' agenda on Monday. District II Supervisor Tom Sockwell has asked the Board to reconsider the item and set a public hearing for May 2 to discuss the issue.

The county approved the revised ordinances in October. The changes to the ordinances included: better definitions of a kennel, short-term and long-term care facilities; the space and materials that a kennel can be made from; what kind of medical and adoption/sale records a facility must keep; what type of containers animals can be fed from and more. Opponents to the changes say they place an undue burden on animal rescue organizations.

In November, Guardian Angels for Pets, the Repeal Animal Ordinance Committee and other animal rescue organizations turned in more than 5,450 signatures to the county Elections Department.

The organization sued in court after several hundred of the signatures were thrown out due to errors.

The court restored more than enough signatures to put the issue on the Aug. 30 ballot.

"If it goes to the election, it would be the only item on the ballot and the only people voting on it would be those voting against it. Why spend around $200,000 on an election?" Sockwell asked.

If the Board votes to repeal the changes, the ordinances governing kennels will revert to what they were before October and the election will be called off, said County Elections Director Allen Tempert.

If the Board votes to keep the changes, then the election will probably be moved from Aug. 30 to November for the people to vote on the changes.