Redistricting input sought at Kingman meeting today

KINGMAN - An Elections Department public meeting on redistricting the county is from 5 to 7 p.m. today in room 200 F at the Kingman Mohave Community College campus, 1971 Jagerson Ave.

The department seeks public input on redrawing the voting district lines for the Board of Supervisors, the MCC Board, the five justices of the peace and the three Joint Technical Education Districts. The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission is handling the redistricting of the Congressional and state Legislature districts.

Residents who attend will watch a short presentation on the redistricting process, receive a packet of information and be able offer input on the districts.

"They then can write their input and even draw their proposed district maps and send them to us," Mohave County Elections Director Alan Tempert said.

Residents can also check out the redistricting page on the Mohave County Elections Department's website. Visit and click on the "Departments" tab, then click on "Elections" and on the Elections page choose "redistricting."

The site contains information on population by voting precinct, the number of registered voters per precinct, the current districts and precincts for MCC and the Board of Supervisors, and the population for each district, city and town. It will eventually include a link to a tool that will allow residents to draw their own maps and forward them to the county.

For more information on the process, visit the website or call (928) 753-0733.