Be afraid, Be very afraid....

It has been a very busy week for our leftist leader, In between pardoning drug offenders and un-securing our borders, trying his best to redistribute the wealth of the planet and destroy every value our country holds dear. He has found time to decide where Israel has its borders and has told them he feels they should give back the land so many brave and PATRIOTIC (a word obviously foreign to pres. Obama) have fought and died for. He did this without regard for any of the U N resolutions, any treaties and without any debate with the Israeli government. Well there you go again, he has decided and taken it upon himself to attempt to influence things in his one big happy family of EXTREME leftist, socialist, nationalist, Marxist views. I use all of these titles because he is not even loyal to one of any party or belief. He has created an fine blend of the worst in everything on the left mixed with old school Chicago politics. I want everyone to keep in mind this is his 1st term (i pray like ive never prayed before his last). He has every intention of a second term so if he is willing to do the economic damage, the pardons of drug offenders, the amnesty for millions of illegals in this country( and this is to grab votes he could care less of the plight of the people) oh and giving back pieces of Israel that he has no business "suggesting" be given back. What would he do when he reaches in his own mind level of deity if he gets reelected?

Let's be honest there is no possible way Joe Biden would ever secure a viable chance at the top office, NOT A CHANCE. He may be a great guy to some, not so great to others but he could never make it through a presidential campaign, he is not cut that way. Now back to everyone's favorite socialist..... He "suggested" that Israel give back land to a group of people affiliated with terrorist (Hamas) and bent on the mass destruction of EVERY JEW in the world. Look it up, they have said total annihilation of Israel is their goal, drive Israel into the sea, and thousands of other statements of the same. Israelis live under the stress of possible attack 24/7 they get hit with rockets and sniper fire so much the news does not even report every time it occurs. Giving back what Obama "suggested" to 1967 borders would be like giving NYC to al qaeda as a negotiation tool. Would that be OK with anyone reading this? Don't say it's not the same, it is EXACTLY the same. We came here and settled America, the Jews settled Israel, the Jewish people are under threat of being destroyed by a hostile enemy, America has been under threat by terrorists for over a decade. So why not give them Manhattan as an act of good faith and see if that will bring al-qaeda to the table for talks on stopping the threat of violence. Hey maybe he has already thought of it and wants to try it on Israel first.

He now wants to implement an amnesty program for people who broke the law coming here to begin with. He is incredibly soft on security and law issues, not surprising - it's a pillar of Chicago politics. Let's let the illegals stay, let's pardon drug offenders and let's just run the economy into the ground faster than the speed of light. How can you do this? Oh that's not a problem, I'll just kill bin laden ... it's a classic Chicago shuffle, they look right ... we move "left" and even further left ... then further left. Even if they catch on it will take decades to undo it all and I'll be long gone.

And the "birther" thing, did you really think that would fool a true conservative? That was a ruse by him and his minions to keep the masses distracted while he goes around ruining everything he touches. That said I must state again, be afraid, be very afraid this is going to be a long bumpy ride. And can anyone tell me why with the education he has Columbia, Harvard, both very high level institutions, how he could be so out of touch with domestic and foreign policies? Any graduate of our county level college would have a better grasp of the global and domestic policies. He could have came here and saved a ton of money he could have re-distributed to the masses in pursuit of global socialism.

He has abandoned the base that caused his rise to power, he has abandoned the African Americans that felt he would best represent them in Washington, and he has turned his back and thrown the Jewish community and Israel under the bus, siding instead and funding the Palestinian agenda of destroying Israel. Even though the Jewish community has funded his party, stand behind the left and given deeply and often to his side of the isle. I hope the Jewish community sees him for what he truly is and what he has done to Israel and the peace process and refuses to support or vote for him in 2012. Anyone who believes in a free and sovereign state of Israel can not in any way support this man or his hidden and not so hidden agenda. Please pay attention all Jewish American groups watching in horror as this supposed ally betrays you and Israel, he could care less all the time and money you spent electing him YOU AND ISRAEL AND THE U.S MEAN NOTHING TO HIM AT ALL, we are all just tools of his power grab that's it. He has proven this time and again and its like no one is watching or cares.

Oh wait a minute he did kill bin laden, so please disregard all I've stated here and dismiss all facts about his policies he is blessing to this country and the world. tTongue planted firmly in cheek.

I want to state for the record i am not jewish but do support a sovereign state of israel and am offended by the suggestion of returning to pre 1967 borders. They went to war with Israel before 1967, in 1967 and since 1967, so what could the point possibly be in returning these borders to that point? or is it the half billion dollars we gave to Palestine last year alone and he wants some return on investment? hmmm donating funds to a corrupt and terrorist organization (hamas) isn't that both a R.I.C.O law violation and international law violation? by international law we could have all our assets frozen for that alone.... We do it when others commit that crime. ill let this sink in a bit and post more on the Obama-nationalist agenda at a future date. as always i encourage retort and debate but please keep it on point and intelligent if possible.