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8:48 PM Tue, Oct. 23rd

Kingman Letters: Some truths about illegals

There is too much propaganda and myth circulating about illegal aliens, particularly illegal Mexicans, Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Hondurans and Filipinos.

You should know, illegal aliens generally do NOT want U.S. citizenship. We here in America are foolish for thinking that everybody in the world wants to be a U.S. citizen.

Mexicans, and others nationalities want to remain citizens of their homeland while obtaining the benefits offered by the United States, such as unemployment, free medical care, in-state tuition, government subsidized housing, free education, free vision care, free dental care, food stamps, air conditioning, automobiles, new shoes and jewelry. All this and more without paying the price!

In sum, these illegal aliens want free benefits which are subsidized by you and me, the middle class Americans, not the Pelosis, not the Feinsteins, not the Spears, not the Trumps, not the Boxers, not the senators, not the congressmen, not the mayor, not the governor, not the Hollywood crowd, and certainly not the affluent!

Lately, all I hear from the affluent liberals in power is that the illegal aliens take the low wage jobs because the lazy American won't. Nonsense, there is not much that an American won't do for a decent wage.

Open your eyes, illegal aliens are NOT critical to the U.S. economy. Illegal aliens just barely constitute 5 percent of the workforce, however, this 5 percent is responsible for sending over 20 billion U.S. dollars a year out of the U.S. back to their real home! This "Fiscal Flight" has got to stop!

To you affluent liberals pandering to the illegal alien for the Hispanic vote, I say, open your eyes. The United States is not an immigrant nation - we speak English, not Spanish, not Tagalog.

We Americans don't spit on the sidewalk, we don't pick our nose in public, we don't litter, we don't wear our pants down around our ankles, we don't wear our hats on backwards, we don't use our front lawn as a parking lot, we don't sneak into other nations and steal benefits, traffic in narcotics, rape and murder, we don't place furniture, refrigerators, bath tubs, mattresses and broken televisions on the curb. Wanting a better life is not reason enough to break American law and turn America into a Third World Nation overnight.

The USA lifeboat is full.

Emile "Moe" Manara, III

Supervisory Special Agent

D.E.A. (RET)