Students' scholarship haul tops $2M

KINGMAN - Making plans to go to college is one thing, but paying for it is another story altogether.

Financial aid only covers a portion of fees, so high school graduates must apply for scholarships if they hope to not find themselves with a mountain of debt in four years.

The total dollar amount for scholarships awarded to Kingman High and Mount Tipton School's class of 2011 is $2,011,220.

Mount Tipton has 12 graduating seniors. Of those, a few applied for scholarships. A $1,000 scholarship was awarded to one student, and information regarding the others has yet to come back to the school.

Principal Emma Weiss said the amount of scholarships awarded to Mount Tipton students varies year-to-year, depending on the class size.

Kingman High Guidance Counselor Cindy Burden said the school does not have all the scholarship recipient information yet. But based on this year's initial numbers and last year's total, she estimates over $2 million will get divided between 60 students.

One student will receive a $65,000 Dorrance Foundation Scholarship. Thirty-three students will receive between $2,500 and $6,000 a year as part of scholarships offered by Northern Arizona University and eight graduates will get University of Arizona scholarships of $1,750 to $7,000 per year.

Various Arizona State University scholarships will be awarded with similar dollar amounts to NAU and UofA scholarships. When it comes to Arizona Board of Regents High Honors Tuition Scholarships, 17 students will get about $36,000. Local scholarships awarded totaled $35,000, and 19 students who were recruited to the military will receive $50,000 for college as part of the GI Bill.