Kingman Letters: Leave Kingman the way it is

Courtesy<br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->Janice Palmer

Courtesy<br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->Janice Palmer

Regarding "Palmer offers business plan for Kingman," Wednesday, Nov. 2, Kingman Daily Miner.

I have lived in Kingman for over 25 years and came here from a much larger city because I wanted to get away from the big city, big businesses and what goes along with them. You're correct that there are many of us here, like me, who don't want the big businesses like Target and Levi Strauss because we don't want Kingman looking like Southern California. It's people like me who wanted a smaller town, nicer place to raise our kids and a slower pace community to retire in. That's why we came to Kingman.

But you come into town from a much larger city six years ago and all of a sudden you have all the answers. Do you want to turn Kingman into South Las Vegas? And you, like another recent council candidate, make an accusation against the Kingman Police Department, this time accusing the code enforcement officers of not doing their jobs. Do you have first-hand knowledge of this, Ms. Palmer? I'm sure the chief of police would like to talk to you if you do. I'm one of the people too, Ms. Palmer, one of the people who will not vote for you because of your accusations and the type of city you have in mind "for the people."

Jack Morgan