Webb takes big buck on Hualapai Mountain hunt

Rick Webb poses with a big buck he took down on his hunt with his son.

Courtesy<BR> Rick Webb poses with a big buck he took down on his hunt with his son.

The general rifle deer hunt in nearby game management Unit 16A recently came to a close, and for many of the 550 permittees, it was disappointing to say the least.

But for one Kingman man, when the opportunity came for him to tag a big buck there, he made the most of it and now has a freezer full of good eating meat.

Rick Webb is no stranger to the Nature Page. He has been featured several times in the past for his many hunting accomplishments.

This year, Webb and some friends and relatives drew three of the Unit 16A deer tags.

Their hunt started out like many others did - not seeing any deer.

On the first two days of their hunt, the trio of hunters that included one of Rick's sons, Rick Jr. and a friend from Phoenix, no one in their party saw a deer!

The hunters knew that the moon was waning and the weather was hot and dry. They believed the deer were being nocturnal, feeding and watering at night.

On the third day the hunters saw a mature buck but Rick over estimated the range and the buck scampered off untouched.

On the following Tuesday, Rick and his son, Tim, who hails from Cortez Colorado, went out again.

The moon phase was now in favor of the hunters, but they figured the deer would still be close to water.

Though they did see a few does and fawns, the day produced no buck sightings.

It wasn't until the next day that Webb spotted a big buck near the top of a mountain.

Webb was using his favorite rifle, a Savage that was chambered in 270 caliber.

He took careful aim and fired. The buck jumped and headed to the top of the mountain and was quickly out of sight.

"I knew I had made a good shot," Webb said, even though the distance was about 325 yards.

It took the hunters a while to climb the almost vertical mountain, but when they got to the top they found the buck. The shot had been perfect and he hadn't gone very far.

But now they had a real problem.

"We had a long ways to go to get back to the truck," Webb said.

After they had taken a few photos and field dressed the 4 X 4 that Webb estimated was 200 pounds live weight, they started down the mountain.

"It took us a long time to get him out of there," Webb said. "Dragging a big buck is tough on an old man."

The buck that Webb had taken was a dandy for the Hualapais. It had four points on each side of the rack, which measured 24 inches wide from tip to tip.