Kingman letters: In love with our wallets

Watching political ads and corporate ads on TV, they insult our intelligence. Hearing about the debates, it shows nobody has any answers and that includes King Obama.

As far as corporate ads, they are using public relations ads saying we love America at the same time reaching into our wallets. In the last three weeks, I have received four solicitations from Chase for a credit card at 17.9 percent while they are getting almost free money to borrow. Their TV ads stress they love veterans, while gouging the consumers with hidden fees. They are all doing it - the PR.

A lot of corporations are throwing out deals in desperation to keep overpriced products moving. Take the fast food industry, restaurants, sports events - they are all overpriced.

Don't be sucked up by the PR ads saying we love folks. Really shop! Thanks.

Joe Zupancic

Golden Valley