Goat's milk just might improve your eyesight

Deuteronomy 34:7 reads, "And Moses lived to the age of 120 years, and his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated."

What was it about Moses - and possibly his diet - that gave him perfect vision into his old age?

While some might think Moses' extraordinary vision may have spiritual origins from beholding the burning bush, or having received the Ten Commandments, there is written evidence that suggests otherwise.

My father's experience with blindness is what alerted me to this.

In California in the mid-1990s, I first got word of my father's failing vision. My parents lived on the small family ranch here in Kingman, where I planned to retire someday. Upon reading in a letter about my father's vision loss, I called and instinctively asked Dad if he was still drinking goat's milk. His answer was no.

Their last nanny goat had died, and my parents had not replaced her. For five years, by mail and by telephone, I continued to urge Dad to return to drinking goat's milk. But it was to no avail.

By the time I retired and moved to Kingman, Dad was legally blind, with a scant 5 percent vision remaining. He could still identify a full moon overhead, but it was frightfully dim and no longer round. Upon arriving, my first order of business was to find a source of fresh goat's milk and get Dad back on it. But when we went out to a local goat ranch to see about becoming one of their regular customers, Dad wasn't interested. Instead, we came home with four goats!

Dad couldn't see to set up the milking area and strain the milk, but I took care of that, while he did the milking. This continued for two years, during which time Dad's vision stabilized and didn't get any worse! But when overzealous Mohave County officials needlessly incarcerated him against his will in a local rest home, access to his precious goat's milk was cut off.

Continuing to have his special-needs goat's milk brought to him there was apparently not an option.

Sadly, back on pasteurized, homogenized cow's milk, Dad became totally blind within the year. His remarkable pin-drop-perfect hearing at age 93, quickly declined as well. Despite his lifetime aspirations to live to 120 like Moses, my father died, blind and nearly deaf, at age 98. This was in 2008.

Many people who have been told that they are lactose intolerant without sufficient testing, may be giving up their dairy products unnecessarily. Pasteurization of cow's milk at 161 degrees Fahrenheit, destroys an enzyme in the milk that aids in milk digestion. Goat's milk has a different protein structure, allowing it to be digested in a half hour instead of up to three hours.

Goat's milk is naturally homogenized; the cream does not separate out. So if the label on commercially available goat's milk says "homogenized," it is a reference to its natural state. Calling the goat milk supplier will confirm this. In other words, "if it works, don't fix it."

If you want to obtain unpasteurized (natural) goat's milk, contact your local 4H group. Most commercial dairies, even in free zones like Arizona, prefer to not sell raw milk, because of the higher level of health and cleanliness standards that selling raw milk requires.

You may contact your local 4H group for a source of local goat's milk. There is at least one goat dairy in the Kingman area, which has a Saturday morning outlet at the Route 66 Swap Meet.

A Naturopathic Physician once told me that the cells in the back of the eye consume vitamin A while processing light, just as gasoline is consumed by an internal combustion engine when it is running. Upon his recommendation, I have been taking fish-oil Vitamin A ever since.

Think about the muscles surrounding the eyes, how they never rest while your eyes are open. Give them a good rest at night in as much darkness as possible, without the flashing lights from a digital clock.

I think that cataracts may be a form of self-protection, as the eye attempts to shield itself from light that it is not nutritionally equipped to handle. But I am only an engineer and not a doctor.

Your sunglasses can be tested locally, for their ability to block UV radiation. I had my five pairs of sunglasses sorted according to their ability to block ultraviolet light. I now only wear the best pair. I also drink goat's milk, of course, since I do not want to go out the way of my father, in total darkness.

In conclusion, Moses fled the land of Egypt and became a keeper of goats in the land of Midian on the Sinai Peninsula. Here, he took a wife and lived for many years until his adopted father, the Pharaoh, had died. So what was different about Moses' diet that he lived to 120 with perfect vision?

I think we may reasonably surmise that as a "keeper of the flocks," he probably drank a lot of goat's milk.