Kingman Letters: Society can't afford Congress

Why do the president and Congress detest and have no respect for the senior citizens? When F.D.R. initiated Social Security and health programs they were good and solid and were exactly what the nation needed. It was a successful program until thievery started by Democratic President Jimmy Carter to be followed by the Democratic Presidents and Congress. Why should the senior citizens suffer for the Democrats' stupidity. They no longer represent the people who put them in office. They now look to fatten their wallets.

During the period when they took our COLA away for a two-year period, Congress voted themselves raises and I believe the president gave the federal workers a pay increase. Social Security and Medicare programs are not good enough for Congress. They have their own government paid insurance, retirement and pension plan, the envy of every working man and woman of the world. By serving only one term in Congress, they voted themselves a full 100 percent full payment for life. Only GOD knows how many other perks they voted themselves.

What makes the president and Congress think they are immune? They should not be! I suggest that the President, staff, cabinet and Congress take a 10 percent pay cut immediately. All other federal workers, excluding the military take a 5 percent pay cut. We can afford Social Security but we can't afford Congress. Congress should be forced to cancel their retirement and health program, and assume social security and Medicare. Also they should have a limit of two terms, the same as the president.

Paul C. Anderson

Golden Valley