Letter to the Editor: America's attempt to protect Israel

Appearing in the Kingman Daily Miner, Monday, Sept. 19, 2011, House speaker, John Boehner declares, "U.S. must be strong partner for Israel. The Jewish state stands above all others as the one true beacon of freedom and opportunity in the region (volatile Middle East), not only as a broker or observer, but as a strong partner and reliable ally." His attitude, as expressed is due primarily because Palestine intends to seek recognition of statehood despite a threat of veto in the Security Council, which obviously includes strong objections by the United States and Israel.

But what will be the attitude of the other council members, after approval by the United Nations General Assembly, which is prior to their review? Do the other council members share America's persistence in a vain attempt to protect Israel, or will they acquiesce knowing that acceptance is inevitable?

I would suggest a thought to Mr. Boehner: It was the United States and Great Britain (one and a half superpowers) that in 1948 made the supreme decision that about seven hundred fifty thousand Palestinians were herewith required to vacate their land so the "State of Israel" could be formed. Displaced Palestinians were then accommodated in "relocation camps" for an undetermined length of time (which stretched into years, for many).

Now for some reason the entire Palestine nation and let's face facts, neither did the entire Arab world take kindly to two "superpowers" hundreds, if not thousands of miles distant, forcing this decision upon people who had for centuries (true, Palestine was not a "Nation" in the purest sense of the word), but had lived off this land, cultivated and cared for it, and had produced their every commodity necessary for existence!

In sixty-three years, citizens of both the United States and Great Britain have poured millions of dollars through bank loans, personal investments, gifts in many forms, into developing Israel. Our nation has become embroiled in wars costing billions of dollars and millions of individual lives, of people living there, and military personnel attempting to convince that democracy is the ultimate form of government for all people.

It is now to the point of borrowing money from foreign nations through the sale/purchase of Treasury notes to keep our economy functioning, that we must admit we cannot continue policing/protecting other nations of the world.

History, through nearly four thousand years has proven that the line of demarcation between warfare and religion changes with amazing rapidity throughout the entire Middle East.

When the location of the state of Israel was forced to its present location, biblical prophecy may have been fulfilled, for whatever that may be worth, but at the expense of millions of lives affected or lost, and a final cost in the trillions of dollars.

It will be proven that without major interaction by the United States for an undesirable time, the chances of failure are overwhelming, but it might be wise to let natural, inevitable, unpreventable course of history dictate. Stop forcing the issue, which in time will bankrupt America.

In the final analysis, this may be considered a religious "war" between Christians, Jews and Muslims for superiority in the Middle East, a contest, which will never be won to the satisfaction of any one religion.

Roger Smith